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Since the invention of the first VARILUX® progressive lens in 1959, VARILUX® has been at the forefront of research and development. With up to 30 patents in every lens**, VARILUX® Progressive lenses are personalized to meet your unique needs.

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Although there are variations in individual experience and the time taken to adapt to progressive lenses, most people get used to their lenses within 1 week. The best way to get used to your new lenses are to move your head as well as your eyes when looking sideways, adjust to your glasses by wearing them in a familiar environment and avoid switching back to your old glasses.


If the progressive lenses are correctly fitted by your optician/optometrist, you should be looking through the correct areas of the lenses in your habitual (usual) natural head and eye movements without awkward head movements.

The current progressive lenses are really easy to get used to, and new users should have little difficulty adapting to them. For new wearers, you can tuck in your chin to avoid looking at the reading part of the lenses when walking down steps.


Most people opt for progressive lenses due to convenience (It has both your far and near prescriptions in one lens) and only when they are needed. You can always opt to remove them or wear them occasionally.


Newer and modern progressive lenses have been designed to fit into smaller frames to match normal eye movements in these frame styles. Your optician/optometrist can recommend the best lenses for your needs.

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